heart eyes – miley EP

I hate the assumption that low points in life always lead to great art from artists because neither life or art ever work that simply, but sometimes sad moments can produce beautiful music.  Chef of Ghost Row‘s most recent project, heart eyes, comes with a short tagline indicating that the songs on this EP were recorded on a cell phone “by a lonely man at very low points who could only cope by telling the world.”  Although the songs on miley EP are vignettes of sad moments, they never cross the line into being overly self-indulgent.  The instrumentals on the EP perfectly match the mood, sounding like boombap filtered through the swill at the bottom of a 40, yet willing to make use of a DJ Mustard-style chant to keep the rhythm when needed.  Stream “Don’t Play w. me” below and the whole EP after the jump.


tccarr14heart eyes – miley EP