SEENMR – After Dark

The constantly evolving music of SEENMR takes a sharp turn into club territory with his latest cut “After Dark”.  With his past few tracks, SEENMR has been hinting at a turn towards dance, however, “After Dark” takes his sound a few evolutionary skips into the seedy, strobe-soaked depths of club.  At 7:20, “After Dark” grows steadily in intensity as SEENMR flirts with sounds of techno, dub, and hip-hop.  What’s most transfixing about the track is how it manages to move and twist without tying itself down to a steady beat.  Instead, “After Dark” is built around a metallic echo that is as ephemeral as laser-lights yet as concrete as the dance floor itself.  This is the sound of a nomad bending the rules to his own.


pkelly94SEENMR – After Dark