lar$ & derf – Orange Juice Substitute

I’ll be honest, music and artists that I can’t find any info on are incredibly appealing to me.  I don’t know anything about lar$, derf, buddhifarian or deliveryboy[z] (hence the photo above that I scrounged of his twitter) but I challenge sometime to find a better piece of uncut, bedroom/dormroom/basement/media center of their highschool? rap than “Orange Juice Substitute”.  Or a line that more perfectly captures how you felt the first time you smoked too much weed than, “contain composure, chow on linguine / hibachi grill, lo mein, Mussolini”.  Yes, it’s not even close to being a perfect song but that’s what’s so exciting about it.  “Orange Juice Substitute” is the exact kind of half-baked gem that we’d never have had the pleasure of hearing if soundcloud didn’t exist.


pkelly94lar$ & derf – Orange Juice Substitute