swim team trax 1

Swim Team – Trax 1

Over the past few months, Swim Team has become a crew too talented and unique to possibly ignore.  After a few spectacular SWIMTEAM_RADIO mixes they’ve finally put together 10 tracks into a proper release.  Listening to Trax 1 reminds me of the excitement I got when I listened to M|O|D back in 2012.  Swim Team have such a developed style, sound and aesthetic that it’s hard to imagine that they won’t go far.  Of course we’ve known and been listening to most of these guys for a while.  Color Plus, Yung AOL (formerly Matron),  and AceMo have been mainstays of our blog over the past few years.  While each of these artists have plenty of releases that still stand on their own (check these out), Swim Team is the most fully formed collaborative effort they’ve put together so far.  Certain points of the EP, particularly Lord $M$’s “Aspirin”, push club music in same hyper kinetic direction as PC Music, but don’t disregard Swim Team as followers.  In the words of AceMo, Swim Team “is a bunch of my friends from new york who’ve bonded over club music”.


pkelly94Swim Team – Trax 1