avalon emerson

Avalon Emerson – Let Me Love & Steal

San Francisco native Avalon Emerson may not have been releasing tracks at a prodigious rate lately but she isn’t slacking either.  After moving to Berlin (I’ve read), Avalon Emerson has finally blessed us with some new material in the shape of her Let Me Love & Steal EP.  The EP opens with a blast of bliss that is far more balearic than the restrained and minimal we’ve grown to expect from her brand of house.  I’m only listening to “Let Me Love & Steal” alone with headphones on but I can only imagine how euphoric this would be on the dance floor.  “Let Me Love & Steal” builds, and builds, and builds until the grooves absorbs the build into a perfect and sustained release.  Conversely, “Honest Gangster” is much more menacing and chunky.  Opening with trash heaps of bass and percussion, “Honest Gangster” develops with a bubbling arp line that sounds straight out of Blade Runner.  Flower-dazed aesthetic of San Francisco melting into the dance floor seriousness of European clubs.


pkelly94Avalon Emerson – Let Me Love & Steal