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Adamn Killa x Bladee – Dont Want

If you haven’t realized yet, almost everyone raps like Chief Keef did now.  Its been almost three years since “I Don’t Like” came out and suddenly almost overnight everyone was trampolining off of syllables, stealing Chief Keef’s flow.  Adamn Killa immediately stood out to me because he doesn’t rap like anyone I can think of.  Adamn’s flow is effortless but hypnotizing.  On “Dont Want” he settles into a constant rhythm that although at first listen might sound like mumbling, worms its way into your brain because its like nothing you’ve heard before.  He even spurs Gravity Boys member Bladee into his most lucid verse yet.  Image factors extremely heavily into a rapper’s potential for popularity, and I’m not complaining about it because its something that has always been a part of the culture and is one of the reasons I love it, so a rapper who so quickly stands out just from the rhythm of his rapping is clearly onto something.  Stream “Dont Want” below.



tccarr14Adamn Killa x Bladee – Dont Want