Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: Dylan Ross

Polarizing artists are my favorite to write about because they all have the equal potential to rocket out of anonymity at any moment or to drift back into it completely, but they are sure to upset a few people on their way down either path.  Dylan Ross is the newest polarizing artist that I am happy to introduce you to.  Looking straight out of an emo band from the early 2000’s, Dylan Ross makes music from whatever genre he wants, all with the jilted and stuttering aesthetic of a demo song from your first synthesizer.  Now, that may seem like a scathing review but the truth is I really like Dylan Ross’ music because as well as being unique, something about it just works perfectly.  On “A Killer With a Crooked Jaw” Ross raps almost unintelligibly over a choppy beat with a completely new flow while on “ICE IS ME” (with WICCA PHASE SPRINGS ETERNAL and BE∀R) he sings a verse (the 2nd on the song) that could be straight out of a Boyz II Men song.  I’m sure a lot of people are gonna see the gages in Dylan Ross’ ears and refuse to take him seriously, but if you really pay attention, you might see something you like.  Steam “A Killer With A Crooked Jaw” and “ICE IS ME” below.


tccarr14Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: Dylan Ross