tay devenny

devenny. – aztec (demo)

Remember a few days ago when devenny. (who we only recently stopped referring to as Tay Devenny) celebrated his birthday by reminding us that underneath the philosophical musings and ambitions was a kid with a lot of talent with the rhyme?  Click the link if you don’t… “aztec (demo)” continues Devenny’s crusade into verse-centric hip-hop as the second part of a three part series.  Check the first part here.  Emerging from a cloud of beautiful noise and samples, Devenny takes no time before exploding onto the track.  While this isn’t exactly rapid fire compared to most rappers, it is a big change of pace for Devenny who’s never seemed bothered to extend over a relaxed, stoned cadence.  devenny. is prepping to do start pursuing more live performances and “aztec” definitely has the energy to get a crowd going.


pkelly94devenny. – aztec (demo)