Since UGLYFRANK is still relatively unknown I know saying this comes with a risk of everyone assuming its hyperbole meant to over-hype and cause buzz but I truly believe that in the year 2014 no rapper has decisively commanded the mic as well as UGLYFRANK.  If you didn’t listen to his EP BOBBY HILL that dropped earlier this year, you definitely should but for now listen to “DARTZ”, because its the perfect introduction to why I can make such strong statements about his music.  UGLYFRANK doesn’t have an extremely distinctive voice or unique aesthetic, but his flow is incredibly infectious, threatening to fly off the hinges at any moment like a crazy superpower that only he has the ability to corral into 16 bars (or a lot more).  “DARTZ” has Frank tearing through a subtle but dusty beat until at the end he comes to the resolution you have probably already come to; that no one can or is fucking with him.  Stream “DARTZ” below and listen to his BOBBY HILL EP HERE as well as his work with ILLFIGHTYOU HERE.


tccarr14mp3: UGLYFRANK – DARTZ