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Chaden x Noah B – New New York

Considering how New York stands, always has stood, and probably will always stand as a music mecca, “New New York” is a bold declaration in title alone.  Although they’ve been bumping around the blogosphere for a minute, Chaden, Noah B, B. Mob, Jalal Salaam and Stainless Steele aren’t the biggest presences in the world of hip-hop.  But they should be.  “New New York” is an splash of cold water to the face compared to traditional odes to NYC.  “I used to drive into Manhattan to chill with a Brazilian chick and did shows at The Pyramid when I was killing it,” Stainless Steele opens on his track-closing verse and from there he continues to weave a personal and intimate story of NY.  None of the rappers featured drop a dull line.  It really cannot be overstated how much growth Salaam demonstrates on “New New York”, he simply has come into his own and it’s a trill to listen to.

pkelly94Chaden x Noah B – New New York