arc 2 tho

Tay Devenny x ฬเןl – arc II: the remains

The original arc made floating music, the kind that I’d expect to listen to on a train to the cosmos.  arc II isn’t nearly as interested in being any where close to uplifting.  “I wanna go home, I wanna see my family, but everyone is gone, I wanna go home, I wanna see someone, but I can’t…” Devenny explains at the “start”.  It’s a groundedness that we’ve never heard Devenny explore and one that suits his songwriting well.  It’s not that his thoughts are any less lofty, it’s just that ฬเןl’s production allows him to start from a place where he has to look up to daydream.  Even when things get cloudier on “shack” and “search”,ฬเןl and Devenny keep it ambling at street level.  The interludes and oddball samples, which also appeared some on arc, remind me of Madvillainy or even Piñata which are two of my favorite hip-hop records ever.

pkelly94Tay Devenny x ฬเןl – arc II: the remains