Doof Kvze

EP: DooF x KVZE – sHtruggle pHood

DooF and KVZE have been working with each other for a while now doing a lot to prove that VA is a hot-spot for progressive minded hip-hop.  It really was only a matter of time before they decided to release a tape together and sHtruggle pHood delivers on their promise.  Unlike the consistently vibed out pHake DiiP, sHtruggle pHood is a bit more of a varied affair that definitely sounds like KVZE and DooF did more than just exchange music via email.  As a result, it paints a vibrant picture of the world these two artists are living in.  Whether they’re floating cosmic in “kwazars” or strutting over dusty orchestras on “roastin”, DooF and KVZE manage to make the music of sHtruggle pHood sound like parts of one interconnected landscape.


pkelly94EP: DooF x KVZE – sHtruggle pHood