spark alaska

mp3: Spark Alaska – Portugese Voices

Not every offspring of the emo revival needed to be sad necessarily.  Spark Alaska is actually pretty happy, which is exactly what he says in the description of his latest EP Longest Winter.  “This is a record about being happy, figuring it all out, and long, long winters”.  Admittedly, some of the EP is a bit too twee/cute for my taste but I would never deny Spark Alaska’s ability to write pop music that never falls into pop cliches.  Seriously, if I had the capacity to fall in love with anyone besides whoever Pitchfork tells me to I’d probably give this tape to a female.  On “Portugese Voices” all his songwriting talent and affecting lyricism reaches a perfect balance.  It never leans too much in the twee direction while remaining instant and impossible not to like.


pkelly94mp3: Spark Alaska – Portugese Voices