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Tay Devenny x ฬเןl – Staring

Last time Tay Devenny andฬเןl got together it resulted in the sublime arc.  Luckily, the duo are working together again this time to bring us arc II.  First single “Staring” lives up to Devenny’s promise of moving past rap (or moving rap forward) with a song that is pretty hard to describe as rap.  Sure, Devenny delivers a few lines that are undeniably hip-hop but they’re covered in layers of reverb, singing and atmosphere that sound far removed from hip-hop.  At points it sounds like Devenny may be recording this in the middle of a huge cathedral.  Watch out for arc II.


pkelly94Tay Devenny x ฬเןl – Staring
  • https://soundcloud.com/willsbeats/staring ฬเןl

    we promise there is some hip-hop in the project. somewhat anyway.

    • pkelly94

      project is dope how it is, genres are soooooo yesterday