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mp3: ICYTWAT – Gucci Dove (ft. BLACK KRAY)

BLACK KRAY is back with a new ghetto fairy tale thanks to some airy and hypnotic production from ICYTWAT.  ICYTWAT is a 16 year old who just started making music under the moniker (it’s a great moniker) and while he’s entering with a sound that is becoming crowded his CYBER PALACE EP manages to prove he has the talent to stand out.  The fact alone that he’s managed to snag such awesome collaborations and features on his first mixtape definitely bodes well for his future.  On “Gucci Dove” BLACK KRAY doesn’t rap so much as he chants.  Over a melody that sounds like it was probably ripped from Legend of Zelda (a track on the tape is called “Twilight Princess”), BLACK KRAY details his love for his hoes and friends while throwing in the sort of left-field imagery and phrases that we’ve come to expect from him.


pkelly94mp3: ICYTWAT – Gucci Dove (ft. BLACK KRAY)