LP: Hanz – Reducer

Hanz has been one of our favorite producers for a while now but I still can’t help but feel that this has to be one of his break-out releases.  At least in the upper-underground.  Reducer is an absolute monster of a listen which, thanks to my new desk job, I have had the ability to listen through multiple times.  It opens with “The History Of” which sounds like a better recorded and produced beat that Death Grips might work with.  It’s the most high energy track is an album that follows the title’s promise of reducing.  Like his best work, Reducer always feels one vibration away from falling off the tracks.  The quieter tracks like “Dues” and “War Fiction” manage to conjure up a huge and ominous energy despite their minimal nature.  Even in it’s prettiest moments, the spy thriller thematics of “Capsule” and jittering synths of “Rust”, Reducer barely sounds like its clinging onto any form of sanity.  When interviewed, Hanz described his obsession with sounds and that obsession and reverence comes through clearly on Reducer.  Rarely will you find an artist so in tune with every sound he makes while sounding so free form and chaotic.


pkelly94LP: Hanz – Reducer