rudeboi riddims

EP: Rambow – Rudeboi Riddems

Rudeboi Riddems is the latest EP from NYC producer Rambow.  I honestly don’t know that much about Rambow besides the fact that he’s homies with the homies Slam Skillet and Color Plus (who each provide a remix on this album) which is enough for me.  Of course, I really don’t need to know that much about Rambow to know that I dig Rudeboi Riddems.  If you hadn’t figured it out from the name, Rudeboi Riddems is steeped in the sounds of dancehall and dub.  Rambow isn’t content to just copy however, as his tracks are all hyperkinetic and filled with skittering percussion and collaged samples.  It’ll definitely get your booty shaking, probably.


pkelly94EP: Rambow – Rudeboi Riddems