passion pusher ep

EP: Passion Pusher – Keep My Thoughts


If Passion Pusher has been too loud or noisy for you in the past, this EP might be more your style.  Emphasis on might though.  This is still Passion Pusher which means that the fuzz and uncontrollable sounds are just as important to the music as his tunes are.  It’s just that on Keep My Thoughts the noise is all colored in warm hues.  “Keep My Thoughts” essentially opens up the album with a slow, starry eyed waltz.  While before he seemed willing to choke out his guitar to conjure alien and unrecognizable sounds, Passion Pusher shows off a melodic side here with shimmering guitar lines.  “3am Pancakes” is as weirdly comforting as the name would suggest, the guitars practically bouncing like synths.  Passion Pusher has been putting out a lot more EPs than we’ve been able to keep track of lately so if you dig this stuff definitely talk a bigger look at his bandcamp.


pkelly94EP: Passion Pusher – Keep My Thoughts