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EP: Sioux Falls – Lights Off For Danger

Just the other day I was wondering when we’d get some new music from Sioux Falls, one of the more memorable bands from the overall memorable DIY, emo and lo-fi resurgence that everyone is just now starting to really talk about.  Seriously look what Pitchfork posted about today.  Although Sioux Falls have similarities with many of the lo-fi emo bands, they demonstrate clear reverence towards fellow North-westerners Built to Spill and Modest Mouse.  The opening drum and guitar line on “On the Bus in the Heat” sounds derived straight from This Is a Long Drive…  Sioux Falls aren’t just interested in recreating the past however.  On “Where is Nebraska?” the band locks into a complex groove that demonstrates that they’re more interested in emulating the impressively mathematical nature of early Modest Mouse instead of just the sounds.  When the band hits the instrumental second half it achieves the same sprawling grandeur as “Trailer Trash”.  Subsequently, Lights Off for Danger acts as another great American road album.  The second two thirds of the album starts to strip some of the overt influence with the band hammering into a sound all their own.  And for the record, “All that fury and light/It’s so dark it’s so bright” is still one of the most gorgeous songs I’ve ever listened to.


pkelly94EP: Sioux Falls – Lights Off For Danger