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Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Goldie


Today TC foolishly decided to challenge me to a couple rounds of Super Smash Bros. so I decided to play through my soundcloud stream while we played.  After a few rounds in which TC never won, Goldie’s “Groovy Life” came on and I honestly thought that it was Chief Keef.  With some autotune and a great knack for writing a hook, Goldie instantly stood out from all the rest of the music we had been listening too.  When “She Wet” came on next it was obvious that we had stumbled upon a rapper worth listening to.  Alternating between a simple cloud-rap chorus and impressive verses, “She Wet” definitely showcases Goldie as a rapper who can come up with more than just a few clever lines to chant in a song.  Instead of conforming to any rap cliches, Goldie balances influences from his southern routes (I’m pretty sure he’s from Memphis) and in newer sounds with some seriously experimental beats.  His entire soundcloud is filled with an incredible amount of tracks considering it looks like he only started a few months ago.  Definitely the most exciting rapper we’ve stumbled across in a long time.


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Goldie