mp3: Color Plus – Rytm [Forthcoming]

Aside from an awesome remix EP and the even more awesome new Ghost Row EP, it’s been almost a year since we’ve heard new original material from Color Plus.  “Rytm” is his newest release and it shows off exactly how has sound has evolved.  While Cerulean Dream remains one of my favorite electronic EPs of the past few years, “Rytm” is a welcome variation on his well developed style.  While still not outright danceable, “Rytm” is definitely the most straight forwardly club influenced we’ve heard from Color Plus.  Continuing the trajectory he established on Lemon Cycle, “Rytm” strips back the ambience of his older work in favor of intricate and minimalist drum and bass.  Like Hanz, Color Plus manages to achieve crystal clean production while actively stirring up chaos with the dynamism of his music.


pkelly94mp3: Color Plus – Rytm [Forthcoming]