EP: T I N D E R G R A M – T I N D E R G R A M

Even though everyone on the east coast is cautious of getting let down by false foreshadows of spring, I am confident that true spring weather is imminent in the next few weeks.  During April showers I am listening to T I N D E R G R A M non stop while waiting for May flowers.  T I N D E R G R A M is a currently faceless producer who knows exactly how to coax warm vibes out of samples of any sort and this first tape exhibits that perfectly.  Made up of 11 simple, loop-based songs, T I N D E R G R A M plays through like its name-sakes, with abbreviated and instantly gratifying scenes that make up the perfect background music for daydreaming of the sunny rooftops and cold beers of the forthcoming summer.  Stream my two favorite tracks off of the tape below, and buy the cassette via Paxico Records to search for the secret T I N D E R G R A M tracks that are yet to be discovered.


tccarr14EP: T I N D E R G R A M – T I N D E R G R A M