mp3: Iglooghost & Tay Devenny – vat of fudge

Ever since dropping his epically lengthed “Vancouver/palm” and his equally impressive LP Shrine, Tay Devenny has been on a mission to progress his sound beyond the limitations of what is classically considered to be hip-hop.  His newest collaboration with producer Iglooghost, “✿︵✿ (vat﹏of°fudge) ❀︵❀” (which we’ll just call “vat of fudge” for convenience), continues his experimentation with hip-hop proper.  There are only about 30 seconds of actually rapping on the track but it is 30 seconds of Devenny’s most potent and ear grabbing performances yet.  His bars move unhinged by any conventional beat, starting at a breakneck pace and eventually slowing down as the song disintegrates into its dreamier second half.  Devenny is prepping a new release soon and this track couldn’t raise the hype levels any higher.


pkelly94mp3: Iglooghost & Tay Devenny – vat of fudge