Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: 12 Ghosts

12 Ghosts is the project of Nemo Simulacra, a dude who I know very little about.  His newest (probably not first, but again I really don’t know… I should do my research) release, electric sheep, was just put out by the cool dudes over at Staring at the Ceiling and is definitely one of the coolest and weirdest releases I’ll recommend you listen to all day.  Opening track, “concept album”, does exactly what it needs to do.  Over a frantically strummed guitar, Simulacra simultaneously lets the listener know that electric sheep is a concept album and that he has a knack for writing weird-pop.  Later, on “sun will rise”, he half-sings over warbling lo-fi instrumentation recalling early Animal Collective.  Although albums usually clue listeners in on what kind of musician the artist is, electric sheep will probably leave you with more questions than answers.  But it’s probably better that way.  12 Ghosts’ future is way too wide open to try and define now.


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: 12 Ghosts