EP: Nvthlss – My paris / Lifetime vol 2

Of all the artists we’ve featured on The Up-Turn there are probably none that we’ve posted about of been following for longer than parisian producer Nvthlss.  As a result I was starting to worry that I’d run out of things to write about him and consequently that his frequent releases were starting to blur together.  Then my jaw dropped while listening to “A l’est de la gare” and stayed dropped for the remainder of his newest My paris.EP.  With a quick seven tracks all titled in french, My paris.EP reminds me of all that reasons I got so excited about Nvthlss in the first place.  It’s a gorgeous listen that should make anyone want to visit the Paris Nvthlss has been so inspired by.  Although the US is the hip-hop Mecca, it’s nice to here Nvthlss turn towards his own culture to find inspiration and My paris.EP demonstrates just how unique his sound can be.  The thirteen track Lifetime vol 2, continues his lifetime series with jazz-infused beatie goodness.  Although I don’t think it achieves the same consistent greatness and My paris, Lifetime vol 2 is more proof of just how dedicated he is to his craft.  After a few years I’m finally starting to understand that Nvthlss isn’t driven by a desire to achieve fame but out of a need to express himself through music.


pkelly94EP: Nvthlss – My paris / Lifetime vol 2