EP: acab rocky – sara

After dropping their new single a few weeks back, we’ve finally had the pleasure of listening through acab rocky’s newest sara.  As the album art suggests, sara is a dark, gothic tinged ride through the home recordings of acab rocky who possess a maturity in song writing well beyond their years while remaining an album that could have only been produced by musicians their age.  “delusions” is probably one of the best punk songs that will be put out all year and on tracks like “intermission” and “interlude” they demonstrate that they have an ear for composition that reaches beyond their lo-fi aesthetic.  Sam Wells also shows off just how adept of a  singer and lyricist he is, pushing into lower registers on the emotionally charged “mother” (I can’t get the lyric “she never learned not to breath in smoke” out of my head).  I honestly didn’t expect how fully developed acab rocky would sound on sara.  The way they effortlessly blow through thrashing punk tracks to orchestrally adorned lo-fi puts them leagues above several of their emo-revivalist peers.  Stream two of my favorite tracks below and the entire EP after the jump.


pkelly94EP: acab rocky – sara