mp3: Jalal Salaam – Phasin’ Out (ft. uhlife)

“Phasin’ Out” has Jalal Salaam firing on all cylinders.  Even across his two already impressive mixtapes, Salaam has never sounded this in control of the mic.  Over a minimal and moody beat courtesy of LayerFace, Salaam commands the steady ebb and flow of his verse before passing it over to the ever open minded uhlife.  Both rappers deliver what we’ve come to expect, Salaam delivering “flip an opponent like an exponent” and uhlife opening with “the universe is growing / supernovas exploding”, while pushing past their past efforts with refined and effortless wordplay.  I’m gittin’ square routed and you’re just gittin’ turnt.


pkelly94mp3: Jalal Salaam – Phasin’ Out (ft. uhlife)