mp3: Issue x Perera Elsewhere – Power is Mine (prod. Hanz)

I wasn’t familiar with Issue or Perera Elsewhere before listening to their collaboration with Hanz and to be honest I probably will only be listening to more of them if Hanz continues to provide his beats.  “Power is Mine” isn’t so much a rap as it is hypnotically droned mantras over Hanz gorgeous (if not incredibly low in the mix) beat.  Even though the vocals of Issue and Perera Elsewhere take over the mix, the track is held together by Hanz’s consistently off and chaotic beat.  With hammering drums, decaying drone and jolts of found noise, “Power is Mine” demonstrates just how far Hanz has come in controlling his effortless chaos.  What’s most exciting is that Hanz is bound to get a lot more well deserved press for this collaboration and I’m psyched to hear whatever he has coming up next.


pkelly94mp3: Issue x Perera Elsewhere – Power is Mine (prod. Hanz)