EP: Ghost Row – 800 Diamonds

CT homies Ghost Row finally released their debut project with Cadence Collective, and its everything we had hoped it would be.  If you’ve listened to Ghost Row’s music before or read PK’s interview with Chef the Chef you know that Color Plus and Chef aren’t too concerned with sticking to trends and are much more interested in carving out their own path within their genre.  800 Diamonds does just that.  The beats switch from aggressive in tracks like “Visitor” to incredibly smooth in “Cranberry Octave” and standout “Golden Delicious” without ever succumbing to following trends or sacrificing chemistry.  I’ve known for a while that Ghost Row were an especially talented duo and I think 800 Diamonds is by far the best example of this so far.  Stream “Golden Delicious” below and stream and download the tape after the jump.


tccarr14EP: Ghost Row – 800 Diamonds