EP: Zoo Brother – Gemini Girl

I don’t know if chillwave or bedroom-pop are still dirty words on the blogosphere but it’s really hard to care when Zoo Brother’s newest EP is this blissfully good.  Taking a page from TV Girl, Zoo Brother works with short bursts of sampled joy to construct his beats and layers his vocals over the beats for hypnotizingly gorgeous effect.  “Psychic Whatever” speeds up a carnival medley for an off-kilter and dreamy romp that stretches beyond the 4-minute mark.  On tracks like “Dreamwalking” and “If I Could (You Would Know)”, Zoo Brother demonstrate that they have evolved to become more than just the bedroom project of William Karmish.  While many bedroom projects suffer when making the leap to the live stage, Gemini Girl shows off how ready Zoo Brother are.  They’re definitely more than just another TV Girl (seriously, what happened to TV Girl anyway?).


pkelly94EP: Zoo Brother – Gemini Girl