EP: Slam Skillet – Ecotone

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard a new release from Slam Skillet but his new EP Ecotone gives us plenty for the wait.  For me, Slam Skillet has always been an expert at crafting amazing sounds and Ecotone is no exception.  Opener “Sable” may be one of the prettiest non-ambient pieces of electronic music you’ve ever heard.  Even when he moves into darker alleys on “Rusine”, his tracks never veer away from sounding clean and incredibly well constructed.  Although Slam Skillet keeps his tracks sounding mechanical instead of organic, that doesn’t mean he drains his productions of fun.  While not straightforwardly danceable, tracks like “Sambar” and “Auroch” demonstrate that he knows a lot more about how to make people grove than he may initially let on.  The later half of “Sambar” especially sounds like the soundtrack to some ultra hip rooftop party (which will probably be thrown by The Up-Turn) ten years from now.


pkelly94EP: Slam Skillet – Ecotone