mp3 Premiere: Acab Rocky – Sara pt. 1

sara art

Acab Rocky first drew our attention and won our praise with their disgusting EP late last year and they are starting 2014 strong with a new jam that they were kind enough to let us premiere.  “Sara pt. 1” is a noticeably bold and ambitious track for the young group in the same vein as lo-fi/folk classics such as “The King of Carrot Flowers pts. 2 & 3”.  Things start slow, minimal and calm.  Singer Sam Wells absolutely commands the mic with just a few plucks of his guitar behind him.  By the second minute Wells conjures up a storm, “Sara, you know who I am”.  It’s the last remaining moments of calm before Acab Rocky erupts into a full band frenzy.  When the last distortion fades following the epic conclusion you’ll have a hard time forgetting about this band.


pkelly94mp3 Premiere: Acab Rocky – Sara pt. 1