EP: Walrus – Glam Returns

Walrus have come a long way since their first release.  Glam Returns hardly sounds like the same band that was making fun Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah! channeling indie-rock tunes back in 2012.  While “Banger” may not be what they’re playing in that club that’s too cool for you right now, it is an unexpected blast of garage-rock from the brothers that opens up Glam Returns with a catchy bang.  “Bulash” keeps the high energy with albeit trippier and more psychedelic leaning instrumentation.  The title track is probably the boldest track from Walrus yet as it approaches Of Montreal or Foxygen level flirtations with british psychedelic music.  Despite the clearly higher level of seriousness that Walrus demonstrate throughout the 4-track EP things never get bogged down in that seriousness.  They’re still just two brothers having a good time which makes it pretty fun to listen to.


pkelly94EP: Walrus – Glam Returns