Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: The Sweet Boys

During 2013 I got pretty used to the fact that the majority of indie rock submissions we’d get would be of the lo-fi and emo persuasion.  While I’m still digging a lot of the more emotive releases from last year, it was pretty cool when II dropped out of seemingly nowhere from The Sweet Boys.  On bandcamp, The Sweet Boys describe themselves as ambient, noise, lush and psych sooooo you could pretty much expect anything.  And you should expect anything from The Sweet Boys because over the course of this EPs three tracks the group seamlessly transitions between several styles effortlessly.  The near 8-minute opener “II” might technically be prog-rock but it never feels tied down to the expectations that prog brings either.  At times The Sweet Boys sound like Woods or Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young before blasting off into Tame Impala territory and then cycling back into soft ambience.  Basically don’t try to expect anything from this band accept more awesomeness to hopefully come.


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: The Sweet Boys