mp3: Holm. – 45th Parallel

After putting out a song everyday for a (fucking!) year, Holm. took some time off to work on a new track for longer than just one day.  The result is “45th Parallel” and it gives a lot of insight into just how much Holm. learned and grew over the course of his 365 day long project.  “45th Parallel” introduces for what I believe is the first time Holm.’s voice which he focuses into a blunt shout over his frantic and gorgeous percussion.  While he doesn’t push himself to Majical Cloudz emotional heights, he definitely captures the same up close and personal effect.  In case his project didn’t already put him on your map “45th Parallel” way be his way of shouting his way from faceless producer to an artist with a lot to say.


pkelly94mp3: Holm. – 45th Parallel