mp3: Tay Devenny – arabian seas (ft. Danny Watts)

Are you hyped for Shrine yet?  If you answered “no” I’m gonna go ahead and guess that you only said that because you have yet to read out interview with Tay Devenny and you have yet to heard the first single for Shrine “arabian seas (ft. Danny Watts)”.  Let’s all fix that.  While it definitely is hip-hop, “arabian seas” lives up to Tay’s goal creating “hip-hop in different shades of sounds and feels”.  I’ve probably said it before but “arabian seas” is just further proof that Tay is one of the only rappers right now who can actually pull off singing on his own hook.  Closing the track, Danny Watts offers ups a wide-eyed hook that fits perfectly into the world Tay has constructed.  Shrine drops in two days and after listening through I can promise it’s not something that should be overlooked.


pkelly94mp3: Tay Devenny – arabian seas (ft. Danny Watts)