mp3: Hanz – War Fiction

We’ve come to expect unpredictability from Hanz but I still can’t help but be surprised and wowed by his newest single “War Fiction”.  If you’re reading The Up-Turn because you like our (pretty darn good if I do say so myself) taste in hip-hop or lo-fi rock then “War Fiction” may not be your thing.  This is experimental a.f. bros.  The biggest driving force behind “War Fiction” is the burst of military drumming that Hanz spreads through the tracks first two thirds.  It gives his music, which has never failed to sound huge, a more directed form.  The last minute collapses in on itself with plenty of distorted, dissonant and odd sonic goodies that Hanz is so good at pulling off.  Reducer drops this spring.


pkelly94mp3: Hanz – War Fiction