EP: ฬเןl x ˚D•∆•ø•I•M˚ – 2014

Aside from having near impossible to search and blog about names, ฬเןl and ˚D•∆•ø•I•M˚ (who from now on will be referred to as Will and Doolm because I’m a lazy blogger with no soul) are also two of the most exciting fresh faces on the beaties scene.  Seriously just go visit Will and Doolm’s soundcloud pages.  I linked them for a reason.  They’ve both been working with some of our other favorite up and coming rappers and artists including Tay Devenny, Broke/ and DooF so it’s only natural that the two of them decided to work together.  2014 definitely isn’t the most ambitious tape you’ll hear all year but it is hopefully a sign for more collaborations and plenty more beaties to come.


pkelly94EP: ฬเןl x ˚D•∆•ø•I•M˚ – 2014