mp3: Sidewalk Kal – Sri Lanka (prod. Mattron)

We heard the teaser a while ago and have been lucky enough to hear Kal perform this track live a few times so it was a pretty nice surprise today to see that Kal has finally decided to put out “Sri Lanka”.  Since Yung AOL has overtaken Mattron this technically may be the last Mattron/Kal joint and it’s only fitting that it’s one of the best tracks they’ve ever put out together.  There just aren’t many other rappers who can say so much and fit memorable hooks into a track in under 2 minutes but Kal keeps it effortless.  If you’ve ever read The Up-Turn before you know we’ve ranted about Kal’s talent and seriously I don’t understand why he’s not famous yet.  I listened to some Big Sean earlier today (the kid in a stall next to me was soundtracking his time on the toilet I guess) and it’s not that good.  Kal is good.  Nah, Kal’s a god.


pkelly94mp3: Sidewalk Kal – Sri Lanka (prod. Mattron)