EP: AceMo – Boarders

AceMo has never been predictable.  Whether he’s making music from recordings of hurricane sandy or beats for rappers like Sidewalk Kal, AceMo has basically done whatever he’s wanted and been consistently great at it.  On Boarders, AceMo finally settles into one sound long enough to sustain an entire tape and the result is gorgeous and probably unlike anything you’ll hear on the internet.  As the album art hints at, Boarders is an album that steps away from AceMo’s hip-hop leanings and embraces (yes, sorry, I gotta say it) world music influences.  Let’s ignore the fact that world music is a term used by lazy bloggers like me to try and describe anything that sounds like it could have grown in a jungle and talk more about the fact that Boarders literally sounds like it could have been grown in a fucking jungle.  Highlight “vss” has AceMo pulling together ambient bird chatter with tribal grooves and twinkling synths to stunning effect.  Even when he takes more jazz-routed detours like on “momas’ cookin”, AceMo keeps the production sounding like it’s covered in a thin layer of moss or dew.  Boarders has AceMo moving away from his status as a master of the art of beaties and stepping into a role as one of the most exciting artists to watch out for.


pkelly94EP: AceMo – Boarders