mp3: DooF – Mr.Eez’95 (prod. ฬเןl & Noah B)

ฬเןl and Noah B have been on our radar for a while now for their jedi level skills of making beats so when I saw that they collaborated with DooF (another artist who’s been on our radar for a while now) I was pretty psyched to listen.  The first thing you’ll probably notice about DooF is his lisp but we’ve listened to enough tracks now to know that his speech quirk is just a sidenote to the actual talent he possesses behind the mic.  DooF prefers word heavy flows akin to MF DOOM and Quasimoto and doesn’t allow himself to stop for long enough to produce anything like a hook.  Over the past month DooF’s been releasing a steady stream of new material which he may or may not be putting out on a tape called shtrugglephood.  “Mr.Eez’95” is my favorite of the new material with DooF sounding practically menacing over the lumbering beat.  Also plenty of LoZ samples to be heard.


pkelly94mp3: DooF – Mr.Eez’95 (prod. ฬเןl & Noah B)