Eat Your Beaties Awards: 2013

beaties awards 2013 masterWe’re almost done with our first month of 2014 which means it’s time for us to finally get our shit together and release our only year end list, the annual Eat Your Beaties Awards.  I hope everyone is wearing something fancy because this is probably the most important year end award list/article that you’ll read about 2013 ever.  Expect your normal beaties volumes to resume regular programming… some time soon.  Hit the jump for the awards.

Weed Is Tight, Weed Is Tight Award Nominees:

Winner: Cakedog – SUMSHIT02

I’m Spiritual Not Religious Award Nominees:

Winner: BabiiWolf – Koholint Island

Biggest Bros Award for the Best Collabroation Nominees:

Winner: AceMo and Raja – Pharaoh Head

Best Beatie 2 Cry 2 Award Nominees:

Winner: ฬเןl – mjussayin

Reduce, Remix, Recycle Award Nominees:

Winner: Yung AOL – YeenGotDees


This isn’t really an official award we just wanted to give a huge shout out to Holm who embarked on a beatie a day crusade for 365 days.  The dude made 365 beaties.  You crazy for that, Holm.  Another beaties sensei worth shouting out is of course NVTHLSS.  Although he didn’t put out 365 beaties this year he did put out a ridiculous amount of awesome beat tapes.  Pay respects to the beatsmiths out there on their grind.

Beaties Master of 2013 Nominees:



Yung AOL

Yung Gud




Winner: SEENMR

Seriously if you don’t know why SEENMR is taking away this award just read our interview with him and then listen to his tapes.  They’ll take you somewhere rad.

Beatie of the Year Nominees:

Winner: Yung AOL – YeenGotDees

Although SEENMR almost took another big win home for the Young Ho Collective, we had to give the nod to DeityGang founding member and leader Yung AOL for “YeenGotDees”.  DeityGang shows dominated my live music listening in 2013 and Yung AOL’s sets were always easy standouts.  Lasting hardly over a minute “YeenGotDees” takes no time finding it’s groove and riding out it’s perfected vibe for the bite sized duration.  It has reverence for but doesn’t rely on the source material.  Listen, hit replay, listen, hit replay.

-The Up-Turn

pkelly94Eat Your Beaties Awards: 2013