mp3: Howl – Forever

Honestly, words won’t get me very far in trying to describe this new track from Howl which was premiered by the very cool dudes of Life is a Banana.  How’s atmospheric? Yeah, doesn’t help much I guess.  “Forever” doesn’t allow itself to ever settle although it isn’t necessarily dynamic or constantly changing either.  It’s almost like Howl captured the moment before an orchestra began playing, when all the instruments were tuning and slowed it down to a melodic pace.  Well almost melodic.  “Forever” exists on a fringe between out-of-tune, off-beat and pure pop.  It never quite reaches the full on glorious pop chorus that we know Howl could write, but the lack is almost more effective than the promise.  It exists just long enough to make you appreciate it but not long enough to let you define it.  Very tight, very tight.


pkelly94mp3: Howl – Forever