EP: Passion Pusher – My Least Favourite book

Passion Pusher first caught our attention with a heavily distorted and delightfully catchy single “Your Favorite Coast” and now we have the extremely pretty Your Least Favorite Book.  Your Least Favorite Book isn’t a full and proper release to be honest but more of a house warming party to celebrate the newly established Benzo Records with some nice and appealing jams.  That doesn’t mean that this EP is something to snooze on though; Passion Pusher delivers 11 gorgeous guitar instrumentals that recall the hazy-tape days of Ducktails.  Maybe read a book to this, or maybe hook up with someone to this if you are enough of a sociable hipster, I don’t know you.  It’s all good though.


pkelly94EP: Passion Pusher – My Least Favourite book