EP: Jalal Salaam – ETHICS

Ethics is 27 tracks long, a bold choice for the up and coming rapper Jalal Salaam.  What makes Ethics more impressive than obnoxious however is just how consistent and exciting it remains across it’s 27 songs.  It is a culmination of work that Jalal has been working on for the past 3 years and it demonstrates that he is a rapper with his own thoughts, opinions, style and has a whole lot to say.  There are only two features on the entire mixtape and while they are both great, Ethics never seems to be in desperate need of another voice aside from Jalal’s.  After listening to Ethics the closest comparison I can make to Jalal is Chris Villa.  To be honest they don’t sound very similar at all, Villa is a souther rapper to the bone while Jalal is a strong presence in the burgeoning psychadelic-rap movement, however they both possess an eyes-forward, head-down, no-nonsense attitude that makes it impossible not to respect their craft.  Just stop reading my article and listen to this entire thing, aiiight.


pkelly94EP: Jalal Salaam – ETHICS