mp3: Keiya – Due Time (prod. Jay Curry)

Yeah, Deity Gang isn’t all dudes.  I didn’t actually know that until I had the pleasure of meeting Keiya at the Deity Gang Paxico Take-over a few weeks back.  Keiya is not only the sole member of Deity Gang who sings but she’s a fine singer on her own right as well.  “Due Time” isn’t in your face and probably isn’t the kind of song that would have Keiya winning American Idol but I’m cool with that and I don’t think Keiya has any desire to be on American Idol anyway.  Instead, “Due Time” is a bite-sized and highly intimate taste of the kind of atmosphere Keiya can conjure with nothing more than her voice and a jazzy beat from the man Jay Curry.  Try not to fall in love.


pkelly94mp3: Keiya – Due Time (prod. Jay Curry)