mp3: Sidewalk Kal – Thousand Arrows (prod. TUAMIE)

Ever since I first listened to Tuamie I’ve been hoping that a properly skilled rapper would take on one of his perfect loops.  Luckily the wait is over as one of our favorite rapper’s decided to spit over a jazzy loop on “Thousand Arrows”.  This is two gods coming together and “Thousand Arrows” is appropriately awesome.  Over the nonstop movement of Tuamie’s beat Kal delivers a lyrically dense and disorienting verse.  Where “Paranoid” was a tuned and perfected version of Kal’s space-gazing flow, “Thousand Arrows” is Kal with his eyes forward cruising as fast as he can.  No matter what gear he’s in he doesn’t stumble.


pkelly94mp3: Sidewalk Kal – Thousand Arrows (prod. TUAMIE)