mp3: Kallie Lampel – Fingerlings

I’ll start this by trying to right the wrong we committed of somehow completely missing Kallie’s tape from earlier this year Skyward.  It’s dope.  Listen to it.  Anyway, if you hadn’t heard, Tortilla Pass has gone and changed his name to his real name Kallie Lampel which is cool because he has a cool name.  Beyond changing his name, he’s definitely also cemented a sound that’s rooted in acoustic textures and organic soundscapes.  When I say his music sounds like the jungle I literally am talking canopies, ancient tribes and tigers not the genre of music.  When Kallie performed at the Up-Turn’s showcase last summer it was like stumbling into the amazon.  It was some serious sober psychedelics, maaaaan.  “Fingerlings” continues to refine and explore that sound while also channeling electronic greats like The Field and Boards of Canada.  Kallie doesn’t go overboard with any of the sounds here and the restraint pays off.


pkelly94mp3: Kallie Lampel – Fingerlings