EP: Nvthlss – Lifetime vol 1

A lot of promising beatmakers have come and faded since the time we’ve been covering Nvthlss and it was starting to look like Nvthlss would never fade but would be content to release new music at a dizzying pace.  He’s constructed his own world of music without ever seeming to look back.  His growth has been charted with a lot more zig-zags and left turns than anything traditionally linear.  “only me this time, this one is longer, very important for me,” Nvthlss explained upon sending us over a link.  Nvthlss has an incredible back catalog of music to build from, Lifetime vol 1 seems to be his first time acknowledging his foundation.  As a result, Lifetime vol 1 seems to be the most focused he’s been since EP6 (my personal favorite of his large collection) with the sounds more contained and traditionally hip-hop and jazz.  Of course it’s all about the loop and Nvthlss weaves some gorgeousness here from the stuttering “Bill murray is the man” to the FlyLo-channeling “Brian II”.  Things can definitely get weird (“Booker” or “Shout out”) but, as Nvthlss says himself, it’s all feelings.


pkelly94EP: Nvthlss – Lifetime vol 1