EP: euphoria again – euphoria again

Although euphoria again may initially appear to be another lo-fi/emo/singer-songwriter you may notice if you listen to his self-titled EP that he’s really not that emo and really not even that lo-fi either.  euphoria again was produced by the Elvis Depressedly/Coma Cinema mastermind Mat Cothran and is actually a really nice sounding listen.  Tracks like “mama says (void in time)” and “backwards” bloom with studio touches of synth and percussion that complement the simple pop songs without drowning them out.  The production expertise also pays off tremendously with the guitar and vocals piece “Fairy Forrest”.  While “Fairy Forrest” may sound a bit Tolkien-esque it serves as an emotive penultimate track for euphoria again‘s cathartically bummed out mood.  “I’ll trudge on,” goes the non-fantastical refrain and it’s hard to be floored by the shrugged off sentiment.  Listening through euphoria again makes it all the more clear how much more I care about good songwriting than genre-bending.


pkelly94EP: euphoria again – euphoria again